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We deliver solutions that lets humans be humans again.

Below are some fact sheets and white papers and demonstration videos that provide insight into our capabilities.

Conversational AI 

Our Conversational AI supports diverse customers/stakeholders in highly flexible, personalized ways. Using technology tools such as natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning, the Druid AI Chatbot understands the intent of a help request. It initiates the appropriate steps to meet that requirement and resolve the issue, totally or partially.

Check out this Interactive Demo.  Initiate a conversation using the selector on the bottom right hand side of the page.

Inspection Management Framework

Inspections and Assessments take many forms within organizations. Financial audits, risk management assessments, field readiness, and employee engagement surveys may seem like vastly different functions; however, the underlying process of "assess, inspect, analyze , remediate" is virtually identical. IHS Automation uses the srcLogic Investigation Management Framework built using Pega components to rapidly deploy and collect evaluations and assessments. The Investigation Management Framework modules will allow your organization to efficiently support for complex hierarchies with dynamic organization management in a single, unified workflow.

Key capabilities of the Investigation Management Framework:

  • Question management

  • Questionnaire templates

  • Survey assignment and completion tracking

  • Dynamic tasking

  • Task templates

  • Checklist management

National Airspace System Enterprise Architecture Roadmap Process

The enterprise architecture roadmap process anchored by intelligent automation technologies enables users to request and approve changes to roadmap details and generate ad hoc and standard reports. The solution is a simple and automated process that provides customers and stakeholders with the latest planning data in the National Airspace System (NAS) Enterprise Architecture (EA).

IHS Automation has been delivering business process automation solutions in support of the FAA since 1997. We have a deep and wide understanding of the organizational culture and needs. We work closely with executives, managers, and staff to deliver meaningful intelligent automation solutions. 

Read our BPA Vision for FAA

Intelligent Invoice Processing

This UiPath RPA demo shows you how a software robot created with the UiPath Intelligent Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Pack can extract information from different types of formats (including picture copies). It can be used for different activities such as:

  • save .pdf invoices in a dedicated folder

  • read them one by one

  • extract key information from the invoices

  • open SAP and fill invoice details in

  • send email notifications to stakeholders notifications to stakeholders.

Pre-Recruitment and Job Postings

The IHS Automation job posting demo includes integrating two technologies; business process automation (BPA) and robotic process automation (RPA). The BPA was built to process pre-recruitment hiring actions that were primarily completed using email, spreadsheets, and fillable PDF files.


This demonstration shows how RPA can perform the activities of a human:

  • open, read and send emails and attachments

  • operate any software application (e.g. client-server, DOS-based, mainframe, etc.)

  • generate reports

  • integrate the BPA with other systems

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