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We build high-performing cultures that meet the demands of the fast-paced, customer-centric, digital world we live in. We deliver solutions that let humans be humans again.

IHS Automation helps you absorb intelligent automation concepts into the organization and streamline business processes.

IHS Automation helps you quickly build momentum in your organization and facilitates collaboration between business units and IT organizations. 

Business Process Management

IHS Automation helps you absorb intelligent automation concepts into the organization.

Business Transformation

IHS Automation works with you to ensure executives, managers and employees have the knowledge and skills needed to be high performing.

Training and Facilitation

IHS Automation helps anticipate and respond to new expectations, needs and requirements from customers and internal users.

Operational Support

Services and Solutions


IHS Automation delivers artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing solutions to enhance business processes and business functions. We apply cognitive automation to complete tasks that require both knowledge and reasoning.


IHS Automation delivers simple and streamlined business processes that are designed to improve efficiency and productivity, eliminate errors and reduce costs. Our services are anchored by intelligent automation and lead to better use of resources and a more productive organization. 


IHS Automation delivers robotic process automation (RPA) that is capable of using computer systems exactly like a human employee would, making them great at handling repetitive, high-volume back-office functions like processing invoices, claims, and bills. We apply RPA to these processes to yield huge time savings, reduce errors, and reduce operational costs.


  • Education

  • ​Financial & Professional Services

  • Government

  • Healthcare

  • Design & Engineering 

  • Energy

  • Resources & Infrastructure


IHS Automation consultants have extensive experience with the Federal Government, financial institutions, healthcare, hospitality, and labor organizations. 

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