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Be transformed in 9 weeks!

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Proactively prepare, respond and act on what matters most!


Improve employee engagement and customer satisfaction

According to industry research, critical business details remain trapped in unstructured documents like spreadsheets and PDFs. IHS Automation connects disparate systems into a single coherent process to effectively and efficiently meet business objectives.

Digital Process Automation Platform

Our platform orchestrates, manages and prioritizes the queuing of work and process activity.

Robotic Process Automation

We leverage RPA to streamline operations carried out by both humans and collections of legacy IT systems.

Predictive Analytics

Real time analysis during the flow of work uncovers deeper insights and new perspectives leading to better informed judgements.

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI solutions provide unbiased and dependable logic when identifying talent, spotting problems, finding solutions and allocating work.

Digital Process Automation Platform

IHS Automation's Intelligent Platform is an enterprise technology that is social, local and mobile and uses a non-invasive approach to coding business processes in a new application.

Robotic Process Automation

IHS Automation automates rules-based, repetitive tasks and processes providing more capacity and support to perform meaningful work.

Predictive Analytics

IHS Automation increases your ability to uncover deeper insights and new perspectives leading to continuously better decision-making. 

Artificial Intelligence

IHS Automation increases the speed, depth, and sophistication of data discovery and visualization to enabling better and faster decisions.

Digital Process Automation Platform Design

IHS Automation deploys a Digital Process Automation (DPA) Platform that wraps legacy systems to close data integration gaps without requiring changes to underlying legacy technology investments.

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Solution Architecture

IHS Automation's Intelligent Process Automation Solution is a collection of digital assets and capabilities that work together to make it easier to build a product or deliver a service. 
IHS Automation will deliver an advanced digital process automation ecosystem that allows you to proactively prepare, respond, and act on what matters most. 

We add components and technologies to the platform to improve efficiency and productivity and reduce cost and errors.


IHS Automation delivers accurate !data from virtually any source or format, leading to deeper insights in minutes and hours, not weeks.


We give you an application (desktop and mobile) that will enable your organization to seamlessly carry out and coordinate work. 


We empower employees to make better decisions and share knowledge effectively, consistently and at scale – across teams, systems channels, media platforms and business locations.


IHS Automation delivers a dashboard that  turns raw data into charts, graphs, and other easy-to-read images for  communication that makes sense.