Consulting and Facilitation

IHS Automation helps you quickly build momentum in your organization and facilitates collaboration between business units and IT organizations. 

Training and Facilitation

IHS Automation works with you to ensure executives, managers and employees have the knowledge and skills needed to be high performing.

Business Transformation

IHS Automation helps you absorb intelligent automation concepts into the organization.

Operational Support

IHS Automation helps anticipate and respond to new expectations, needs and requirements from customers and internal users.

We increase business capacity!

Managing everything out of your email inbox doesn’t scale, and it’s not effective or efficient. IHS Automation delivers an advanced digital process automation ecosystem that allows you to proactively prepare, respond, and act on what matters most, leading to sustained performance improvement outcomes. Even in the absence of processing time improvements, robots operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week; offering more capacity and support to perform meaningful work.


Consulting, Facilitation and Training


IHS Automaton delivers end-to-end process automation that is easy to use. We guide you on a journey that focuses on executing efficiently and improving interactions that shape customer impressions. 


We will help you quickly transform your entire operation.


Digitize and improve a simple business operation that touches many parts of the organization.

Demonstrate the power

of digitizing operations


We build momentum for change throughout the organization by automating your first process in 4-5 weeks using an agile approach.


Think bigger, innovate

and build momentum


Align digital initiatives with overall business strategies and replicate automation rigorously and consistently.

We establish an Intelligent Process Automation Competency Group that absorbs intelligent process automation concepts .


Deliver Transformation

across the enterprise


Embed rigorous procedures for the rapid delivery of digital solutions and provide rewards for competence.

We establish an Intelligent Automation Shared Service and help align strategic drivers to organizational culture.

We will help you scale


IHS Automation will enable you to generate a higher ROI and address additional business problems with minimal cost, disruption and time.