Intelligent Automation

IHS Automation deploys digital process automation platforms that orchestrate, manage and prioritize the queuing of work and process activity. we use enterprise technologies that are social, local and mobile, which allow our customers to work from anywhere without physically carrying paperwork and collaborate without sharing the same space.


The platforms are built on non-invasive automation that wraps legacy systems to close data integration gaps without making changes to underlying legacy technology investments. IHS technology platforms enable us to:

  • Automate workflow between multiple people and systems with web-based forms

  • Deliver relevant information to simplify and enrich the user experience

  • Adapt and improve in real time to optimize customer interactions


We eliminate manual data entry with robust scanning, character recognition and form field mapping. Our advance data intake solution will provide a self-service one stop shop for information that includes the following:

  • Automated approvals, responses and routing with digital signature

  • Parsed data and documents at high confidence thresholds

  • Dashboard and Reporting for budgeting, forecasting and decision-making