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Take the guesswork out of health care status verification


CoronaPass enables the delivery of a Government-approved, Certified Digital COVID-19 Passport that provides an easily verifiable photograph and test and vaccine results. It is explicitly developed for COVID-19 immunity, vaccine and health management. CoronaPass is available on the GovCloud-FedRamp Platform. Not capital expense is required. 


COVID-19 Environmental Health and Well Being Certification System

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The CoronaPass is a scalable, robust and secure solution delivered in 3-weeks and integrates with existing systems (contact tracing, etc.) to provide the following:


An investigative case management platform

Cross utilization by governments, businesses, schools, individuals, etc.


Real-time data on contact tracing (if available), testing and vaccination results

Central place for reviewing and uploading test and vaccination results, simplifying all aspects of the COVID-19 test and vaccine value chain

Assures the health status of individuals by providing a trusted credential based on a Real ID, allowing movement with impunity